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What is T1 Declaration?

A T1 Declaration, also known as a T1 transit declaration, is a necessary document for goods being transported through the customs territories of the European Union (EU) as well as other countries that are part of the Union and Common Transit Convention.

The T1 declaration is used to provide information about the goods being transported, including their description, value, and origin. 

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T1 declaration also requires a guarantee to ensure that the taxes and duties on the goods will be paid if they are not declared or are declared incorrectly. The amount of the guarantee is usually based on the value of the goods being imported and the applicable duties and taxes. This guarantee ensures that if the importer fails to pay the taxes and duties on the goods, the EU customs authorities have a source of funds to cover the unpaid amount.  

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What is Required for T1 Transit Declaration

T1 Declaration requires information about the goods being transported such as description, value, origin, and declaration for customs clearance and applicable taxes and duties to be paid.



Price of T1 Declaration

The price of a T1 Declaration can vary depending on several factors such as the value and type of goods being transported, the departure country, and the amount of guarantee required. Additionally, the cost may also include fees for processing and handling the declaration. It is important to note that obtaining a T1 Declaration and providing the necessary guarantee is a legal requirement for transporting goods through the European Union and other countries in the Union and Common Transit Convention.
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Other Information about t1

T1 must be submitted at customs offices located at the countries borders in compliance with Union Customs Code requirements. To meet EU regulations, goods must be declared one hour prior to the arrival of the vehicle at the customs office.

Upon completion of the Transit declaration and providing the necessary guarantee, Taxify will send a local reference number (LRN) to the your company. The driver must present this LRN to the border customs officer during the customs clearance process.

Union and Common Transit Convention countries are: EU member states, EFTA member states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), Turkey, Andorra, San Marino, N. Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine

It is important to note that some of these countries may not be a part of EU, but they are part of Union and Common Transit Convention.

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